Sunday, July 29, 2012

If we did live like a book.

I came across this amazing quote somewhere about how we can't live like a book, alas! we can't. It provoked a thought though. I remembered every book that i fell in love with, every character i adored, every twist that I thought was awesome. It makes me wonder if I did live life like a book, I'd be envious of myself. Trust me. I mean imagine getting a chance to correct everything eventually. Not regretting things because there is ALWAYS a resolution. Finding the love of your life because of some crazy meet cute. (or because the person is a freak- Fountainhead)

I absolutely think that if life was lived like a book, it would be absolutely amazing. There are obvious advantages like never being wrong, but also there are equal chances that you could screw up and still get a second chance. The drama in a book would just add 'flavour' in your life. It would let you be reckless and casual. it would let you be a spectator and point out the exact emotion you were feeling. The confusion would be over, the decisions would never be subject to practicality or rationality.

Life would be simple, it would be sorted. It would let you have secrets that are buried forever and will never surface. Your reactions would never be questioned, infact they would have a completely logical explanation. They would be justified.

Nothing you say or do would be permanent, there is always scope to say you were sorry hug and then either have a 'they lived happily ever after'. Or have the 'they tried'. Or the as friends they parted ways. Either way the outcome would always be satisfactory. Everything would make sense. It would let you be completely okay if would wanted to drive half way across the country just to do something you wished. I keep thinking about how awesome life would be with all the answers. All the decisions already made, all the drama simply sorted. It makes so much sense to think that yes, this is probably how life should be lived. To make decisions without consequences. To have a prequel and sequel to have second chances with everything. A radical explanation that makes everything seem right.
If we did live life like a book, there would always be scope for living happily. being satisfied, to have episodes of extreme depression but recover nonetheless, much stronger. To have people to always watch out for you.

After writing this post, I just realized. For most part of it. We do live like a book. Continuously evolving, changing, going from happy to sad and hoping we'd get to happy again. A book is a journey much like life, there are a few pit stops you have to make much like the twists in the plot but eventually hope that all of this makes sense and when it doesnt you expect other people to help you with it, for all you know they suck but you can always expect that they will be your guardian angel who will look out for you.

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