Wednesday, March 23, 2011

over the days!

over the days, everything is the same and yet somehow everything appears differently! and years have rolled by and we as people have changed, developed ideas have visions of the future and more. My cousin having delivered 2 beautiful twins, im still coming to terms with the idea that so much has changed, when we were just a bunch of kids in tiny skirts and runny noses. We're all grown up! 22 full years later im still wondering how so much of time has passed by, and how i have just not registerd any of it. we've grown up, we're headed to a uncertain future... its almost essential to live each day, but 24 hours pass away each day without anything remarkable happening, we wake up, sleep, meet people its all in the flurry of activities that happen around.
I wonder how it is going to be five, seven, ten, twenty years from now.... the now babies will replace us! we will be the responsible adults telling 'the kids' thing that we want our parent never to tell us.
I will not be the same definately... may be mature, more in theme with waht life is than the ideal picture, talking what I feel is right! i cant wait to get old (i'd like to never get old/er ofcourse) and read this post laugh at my own ideas, ideals what i felt was important Vs what will actually be important!
I remember how it was to be 5 to be 15 and suddely i forget that 2 Decades later im here and kinda big and all grown up... and still some part that feels i have just not been cut out to be this grown up person.....

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  1. good one maggie..:)
    would like to read more about the topic...


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