Monday, December 7, 2009

writing in my book!

well I have to write my name and the year I bought my book in! My obsession with writing the date began after i realised that I hardly remembered anything about when I bought the book, where I bought it etc, also my name writing obsession began when I realised that people hardly ever return the books they borrow!

Well thats all that I can write in a book, I cannot underline, write comments or anything that will make my book look less pretty! (very obbsessive) also i cannot have my books have dog ears, -- cannot stand it!

I don’t write in the book, but that some how makes me feel I miss out on a lot of beautiful things the book has to say, so I make sure that I have a scribbling pad for me to write down anything I find helpful, and it so happens that every time I go through the scribbling pad, it works like a time machine and puts me back in that time frame :) the best thing about books for me is that it helps me create memories!!!

And like I read in a book called Inkheart the author (Cornelia Funke) says “The book begins collecting memories, and forever after , you have to open that book to be back where you first read it! ….. and ends it with memories cling on to printed paper better than anything else”

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