Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Writing -Bits from my lil red book

"You Never have to change anything you got up in the middle of the night to write."
-Saul Bellow

I read this quote and instantly I was awake. It is late in the night and as usual I am sitting and reading through things people say about writing, reading and books. (guilty pleasures). Yes! and I came across this quote and it fit, I picked my little red book and started writing.

I realised how every writer right from a Oscar Wilde to an amateur one feels the same kind of things about their writing. Nobody is looking to sell a million copies. Great writers are not churning out books because they want to sell, they are writing because they want to write, they want to be read.

Writers want to escape from whatever they are seeing and they want to write about it. They want to scream from rooftops about what they feel. Every writer sees something 'tell-able' all the time.

I feel most writers start with the process of wanting to write something different, change their style perhaps, but eventually it gets too much, they have to comeback to their element. It feels like an experiment at best. People who write humour stick to that, people who write crime stick to that. It feels right.

Writers are obsessed with writing something that will change the way the world works. They don't have to have to be the greatest ever, they just believe that everything they are writing is just going to be mind boggling and sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't.

Writers love drama, they can write fiction or non fiction. The soul of the story is highly dramatic, writers see their life and everything around them in HD (High Drama) The glorification is amazing, the exaggerations are pretty unbelievable,  the emotions are on the brim, a writer is never devoid of emotions.  

A writer wants people to identify with the character. They will write twisted characters, very complex and yet beautifully incorporate some emotion because of which every everybody  identifies with the character.

Most often writers don't care about genders, I love that most writers write male and female characters who can very easily be interchanged and the story would still remain the same.These characters can be identified with by people of any or both or either genders.

Writers see beauty in everything, everything they see they want to write something amazing about it, most of the times it is difficult to write about everything and still there is parallel script that is running in their head. Some of it sees the light of the say some of it fizzles out, but people who write generally want to talk about everything.

Writers are romantics! Writers want to write a world where everything somehow sorts itself out for better or worse. They want to see a solution, they want an end. They want their characters to find some closure. 
They love their characters, good, bad or ugly they love their characters and want only good things to happen to them. 

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