Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Literature?....... really? i like shallow fun books! that have very lil message and are high on entertainment!

I started reading this book, that came as a suggestion, I started the book, but the book just kept getting boring by the minute! thats when i realised that i was reading myself into boredom, its when i realised that reading very casual off -the -rack stuff was what i loved! bestsellers that sold like hot cakes, books that were high on drama, tat had a hero that had a villian who is killed in the end, really i did not care about the mild portrayal of characters! and how the book is a reflection of the authors take on civil society!
I wanted bang! miracles, people going crazy running away from the police, a murderer or a lil wizard hero!

Certainly every book has its set of followers, there are people who adore Shakespeare, but i don't, there are people who live for classics, but i don't, i somehow don't think of classics as something i would read! merely because of the complexity of flow of thoughts its the connection that is missing! I like light, fun easy to connect to stuff, things that can happen in a parallel universe thing. that way its something for the grey cells to work on without being over worked, just trying to understand what it means.

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