Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Why do I write?

My writing and my job as a writer is no accident. I have never wanted to be anything else but a writer. I literally have never told anyone anything other than that. 'What do want to become when you grow up?" "writer", even when I didn't know what are things writers write. So when I complain about my job (if I do), everyone knows I am talking about operational level stuff. Never about writing itself.

My parents are really cool people for not wanting me compromise on my desire of wanting to be a writer. I cannot imagine myself as anything else. I can only see myself keying words after words till I hate my writing and then waking up to do it all over again!

Last evening, I was talking to my friend Chandni and we got around to talking about writing and I opened up like a well shaken bottle of champagne! She just had to say 'writing' and I was all words. These kinds of conversations are very important to me, because they help me think about my beliefs and my ideas about writing. One of the things that came up was about what we write. People write with different agendas in mind, for some it is a portfolio, for some others it is a pride thing, for some it is their means of making money; the only common thing however is that all of them love writing!

When it comes to this blog,  I have no plans, I have no agenda, I have no goals, I have no milestones. I think of it like a friendship. We do things together, we go without talking for months, then we talk to each other obsessively, we make time for each other from time to time, but then again, other things take centre stage and sadly, my friend gets no love. But I truly truly truly love my friend. My lovely blog, waiting for me to reach out. (Other than that we have no social media scene either :P)

My blog and me are perfect for each other. We move at a pace both of us like. We don't bother with competing with other people and their friends. If anything, we're happy sitting on the sidelines talking to each other.

Some random Tuesday, I'll reach out to my friend and its an effortless conversation, we aren't chasing word limits, page views, hopes, dreams, money. We just are. We talk books, movies, TV shows and some days we talk politics. We'll to what we want and vent, get angry or write love notes; just like this one. :)

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