Monday, March 6, 2017

Oh. Kangana. What have you done? #WomenOfBlogging

It is Women's day in a couple of days and almost as if in time for the day, we have a barrage of absolutely irritating, horrifying and some just downright nasty stuff being said to and about women. I read a piece about the Kerala Priest who raped a 16 year and the magazine came out in *his* defense with the age old 'human tendencies and desires' argument.  It is absolutely terrifying that we live in a world where men stand up in the Parliament in front of women and nations to say that women should make less money than men.

I recently read a post about Karan Johar, he is now a dad to beautiful twins. Adorable. Surrogacy, adoption, natural birth or no children at all- I am not going to tell people when and if they should have kids. But something Karan Johar did do caught my attention. In a recent event he said that he is "done" with Kangana and he is tired of her "playing" victim. If she is so "unhappy" she should "leave". Wonderful. Except, Karan seems to be under the impression that the film industry is like his own home (exactly that which he is accused of).

If you listen to Karan, he is almost too proud to say that he gave her the platform on his show. A show that's supposed to be about being open and fun and discuss really deep secrets.That's literally your entire show. I am a bit of a Kangana fan. So ya.  Karan knew fully well she was there for the promotion of her film. She wasn't there like  say Sania Mirza or Farah Khan who are just his buds.  If you deliver exactly what you set out to do, that isn't an achievement.

The problem with people with means seems to be their complete lack of understanding of the troubles of lowly mortals like us. When people ask others to "leave the job you hate". Live the life you want. If you're in an abusive relationship, leave. If you want to live well, work harder. If you're hungry, eat. It is annoying when people are so unaware about the challenges that come with leaving, feeding yourself or quitting or even working harder. Not everyone is born to really rich people. Much like Kangana. She can't leave and you are no one to ask her.

A little insight into my tiny mind: I at no point will be okay with us (people who haven't been victimized) to tell victims on how they can  or can't react.  

What Kangana did was mess with the rich and famous on their home turf and walk away. Also, I understand Kangana's anger: she was made fun of for her English no less. I'd be mad at whoever did that to me as well. I don't know what the expectation was, probably that she'll be too overwhelmed by the 'big' show just be like 'you're all that's good'. That's not how it played out. Obviously. And no points to Karan for not editing the show -that's the format. If he thought that content wouldn't sell, it wouldn't make it to the screen. TRPs are everything.

Basically, my take away from that speech was : telling people that you were wronged is annoying and that it was better if you didn't show up to work. The worst part is you're wrong no matter what your choice, if you talk about your troubles- you are playing victim. If you don't - how are people supposed to know you're having troubles?


  1. I missed this epic episode and will now try to hunt it online. I agree with your last point the most - he didn't edit it for the TRPs. Now that says the whole story. Good or bad; right or wrong - every publicity is good for him. Applause for Kangana and yeah she is my fav toi. 😊

  2. So I read this post via mail hence when I wrote a counter view somewhere at the back of my mind I knew there was a sane argument shredding my opinion to pieces.
    completely with you on how we live in strange times. when even the most basic things need to be fought for and it makes us question the idea of women's day being celebrated . But all the commercial agenda aside , atleast we have claimed one day and that's a start.

    For me Kjo and Kangana episode wasn't a man - woman debate . It was a personal tiff and it was flared up to get TRPs which is fare because gossip sells.


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