Sunday, March 5, 2017

#WomenOfBlogging: Let us talk about our cheersquads!

It has been a wonderful start to the year, personally and professionally. I have been reading better, sleeping more, eating better and talking about my feelings a little loudly than brushing it away with humour.

However, all is not well with the world. Trump's America scares me, but India isn't any less scary. For every Hidden Figures that is released there is a celeb who quits twitter because it got a bit much, for every Kangana there is at least one person saying 'it is PR training'. So what? For every opinion a friend puts up, there are 50 comments about its wrongness. I mean, why don't you wear a tshirt that says 'I hate women' and get it over with.

I just left Twitter around the whole demonetization scene because of the things that were on agenda, voluntarily signing up for stupidity lessons was not planned. But then, the beauty of the internet is that the real connections you make transcend platforms, which is why I keep bumping into my favourite person on the internet- Chandni!

She wrote wonderful blogs and then pinged me about them. Not read the blogs as much as it was to write. I am yet to meet a person as so persistent to get me to write. Just like Chandni (in my case), I see other women supporting their friends and colleagues by taking their interests, passions, hopes and dreams seriously. I've literally no idea how I've ended up being surrounded by as many wonderful women as I have. Work, school, college... I've met fiercely competitive women, who'll bare their soul and help you bare yours. However, we never seem to talk about it. Perhaps the confusion arises from the fact that we think healthy competition does not exist and that well meaning people are just people who haven't found an agenda as yet.

Society seems to paint a picture that we are bitchy, gossipy, annoying, nag too much, get angry... but in all honesty women in their own circles seem to be more than willing reach out, teach and learn. Women are fiercely loyal. When I think about my friends or colleagues or family one thing that comes to mind is a barrage of support I receive. I don't think anybody takes this support for granted and neither do I. A sense of sisterhood helps people like me sail through.

I don't think society would have progressed had it not been for women who support other women. For every Hillary there is a Michelle, an Adele to every Beyonce, a Pink to every Lady Gaga. What we need is women who celebrate success genuinely but what we need more is the acknowledgement that their support means something. We find the time to thank our partners, parents even our neighbors for their help, but somehow miss out on the invisible but strong presence of our female cheersquad.

I love Legally Blonde, to me its easily the nicest celebration of female friendships. In a world that demands so much, female friendships seem to be doing the exact opposite. They want to give. This women's day, I want to shout from rooftops and say thank you to the hundreds of women who support each other wanting nothing in return.  

A huge shout out to the lovely Chandni and Richa who I absolutely am in awe of. This blog is being written as a part of #WomenOfBlogging


  1. I hate it when people say women are their own worst enemies. That's not true, not in my experience at least. Women are always willing to help each other out, and the best thing is we can share everything with each other. There's no awkwardness in a female friendship.
    I should definitely watch Legally Blonde (yeah, I've never watched it before, can you believe it!)

  2. I completely agree! Women are fiercely loyal in their friendships. They understand and support like no other. Look at all the fab women in #WomenOfBlogging :)

    P.S. I love legally blonde!

  3. I love love legally blonde! And I agree real friendships are guarded really fiercely by women. The problem is there is a lot of judgment, hate and fake going around, and that is why women friendships have got a bad name. Once you find your tribe, I don't think anything can come in between that.

    PS: Can I second everything you said about Chandni and Richa?

    PPS: Loved this blogpost and your writing.


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