Friday, October 14, 2016

Are you noticing enough?

Because I have nothing else to do on the bus and I travel close to 3 hours per day, I tend to watch people. I can't read (motion sickness). Can't listen to music (cuz earphones are annoying and they tickle my ear). This story is from a couple of days ago, something quite amazing happened while I was on the bus, two people boarded the bus and as usual people were buying tickets, looking at their phone, listening to music, hoping someone will just give up their seat for no real reason.

Okay, back to what happened, 2 people, visually impaired, got on the bus. Nobody noticed as nobody offered their seats. But soon I realised they knew where they wanted to sit. They made their way to the seats reserved for them with a little difficulty. The next few minutes were quite something,  everybody was trying to look at them, some sneaking glances, some others just blatantly staring. I make it a point to not stare because that's just rude so, I went back to looking at the road.

I am not saying you should find anyone inspiring or sympathize even. But looking at those 2 people, I could instantly tell the mood in the bus changed, people became *aware*. It brings me to my post, are we waiting on something or someone for us to start noticing life itself? and if so, What are we noticing? Are we noticing enough and more importantly what are we taking for granted? At some point, we are taking everything for granted, especially that which we've never taken the time to accomplish. Are we taking our friends for granted, our spouse, our parents? We'll these are tough to answer, nobody thinks they are, but fact is have you asked yourself the question?

Moving on to something more personal, are you taking your literacy for granted, your intellect, your dreams for granted. There is no tomorrow. There is an expiry date on everything, including your knowledge (you are at some point going to become irrelevant), are you taking your relevance for granted? I often think speaking in 4 languages is something you put on a resume and that's that, but have you thought of how happy you should be that you can speak, communicate and enjoy conversation with diverse sets of people just because your mind retains random combinations of words?

I am quite amazed at the sheer number things I am not thankful for, some of them I am. Some of them, I didn't realise I needed to be thankful for. The reason we aren't more involved with ourselves, is because we take ourselves for granted, everything we can do, we take for granted because it comes so easily to us. I look at people making fantastic art and all I can do is ogle. Why aren't we more amazed at the things we can do? Not in an arrogant way. But in a mindful, more observant way. Why can't we take 2 seconds of our time and be glad to exist and to exist in a way that's not completely horrible (unless you're a serial killer or thief or you know deserve to be in jail; then you're horrible). 

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