Saturday, July 9, 2016

#BookReview: Human Being by Karan Shah

My next review is for an author I found by accident. A few comments on my blog and I followed up with Karan's writing. I must say, through the AToZ Challenge, he brought in a very simple idea to the table and made it stand out.

I'm not getting into the details of the books, I would encourage you to download atleast a couple of books and spend less than a couple of hours on each book.

Karan's book is dotted with deep insightful poems and short stories. Each dealing with one aspect of human emotions, 26 emotions for 26 days! Honestly, reading through some of these posts helped me reflect upon instance where I have seen or felt these things, starting with something as simple as acceptance to going into complex words and emotions like being Xenial.

There are minimal stories, shorter than short stories and packing a punch at the end. 5 short lines and a little paragraph following the complex thought. It was quite a read, quick and simple. There was a certain universality in how each post was written, there are no characters and yet, you'll find yourself in the story.  This is by no account fiction, this is a solid piece of writing that you can pick up at any point. I did start in the middle and then read forward and backward and each story stands on its own.

Again a book I read a month ago and a book that has stayed somewhere in the back of my mind. Each philosophy and emotion ringing true through the day.

Read Time: An hour
Reading pace: Quick. These are short posts you can just keep reading, like couplets.
Things to look for: Different writing styles. Couplets to full blown poems to short stories and quotes. This is a beautiful mix.


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