Sunday, July 10, 2016

#BookReview You Got Me For Life by Chandni

The book up for review is Chandni's -You got me for life

Firstly, let me start with this, who is a woman? can you name 5 things common things with all women. Exactly, its very difficult. No two women are alike and through 26 stories with a common thread of 'womanhood' Chandni weaves stories that will make you laugh, think, upset you and of course leaving you thoroughly refreshed.

One story that has stayed with me of the girl who is waiting for guy over coffee. This is a love story, but has a twist. Perhaps a signature move by the author. She lets you draw your conclusions and then turns it upside down. Another story I loved is about the career girl who is heartbroken. The corporate types are often painted as shrewed and unfeeling, boy! does the author challenge that.

Over the few months of knowing Chandni, the book makes so much sense. These are not fictional people. These stories are fictional, but these people exist, some within us some we know. A career woman and mommy herself, Chandni knows how to balance her book as well. Clean stories, uncluttered writing and genuine emotions. None of the stories try hard to delivered shock value. They are plainly laid out for your to read and enjoy.  This is a quick read but a thinker.

I did not read the book in one go, i read it through the month of April and then again once in May and let me tell you the element of surprise does not go away. Something about good writing stays in the back of your mind, a couple of stories I'll remember mostly because I could relate to them at a personal level. And if you pick up the book, you'll know what I'm talking about.

Reading Time: An hour may be two
Reading Mood: Leisurely, I'd recommend spreading it out.
What to look for: Look for the quick change in situations. Conveying many emotions in a very short story and may be one or two lessons from each character. 

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  1. Thank you so much for reviewing my book Maggie.. feels strangely unreal someone talking about it ..I consider you one of the most amazing writers I have come across lately and when you say kind words like that it just feels so good!
    Thank you once again!


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