Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A to Z Reflections

I write this post a good 5 days after the challenge is over and boy! What a good one it has been. When I read the word 'reflections' I pondered upon various thing that worked and didn't work for me and I couldn't think of much, it was interesting because I didn't have anything to complain. I've summed up my writing experience in my YOU post, where I've stated pretty much everything I've needed to say. So I'll make this one out the good people over at A to Z who made this massive challenge possible.

Dear AtoZers

It's been a wonderful 26 days of writing and meeting new people. You made it possible.I really want to take a moment to reflect on what this challenge has been for me. There were days where I couldn't write, but I wrote. Days where I didn't want to write, but I wrote. It wouldn't be the first challenge I participated in and isn't going to be the last and somehow it feels like my first, because for this challenge I was committed to not just writing, but blogging -the wholesome experience.

Here's the five things I did
  1. I decided I wouldn't schedule posts, but write as I go along. It made life hell considering that I had decided to do it all. I found a way though. I wrote for one day in advance. 
  2. My blog got a few upgrades thanks to the challenge, the pretty little shareholic buttons on the left.
  3. I started paying attention to typos. I have a one type policy, where I don't usually go back and correct the many typos I have a tendency to make. So I was careful while proof reading. It made me a better writer.
  4. I moved away from my usual style of writing and stuck to making posts short. I realised may be, just may be a shorter post is more engaging. 
  5. It gave me something to look forward to each day. And material worth reading for for the next few months. 
Thank you for bringing a challenge that is amazing.



  1. congratulations on surviving it!

  2. The Challenge also gave me something to look forward to, but I could never write my posts the day/night before. I'm a planner. If I tried to try them the day before, I would've been a wreck! lol

  3. Hi, I enjoy reading your blog and it truly deserves to be nominated for the Reader Appreciation Blog award, pls do read more about it here

    I hope you will accept it.
    Thanks !


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