Thursday, April 14, 2016

Wandering and getting the good kind of Lost

I am horrible with maps. I kid you not. I would get lost on my way home if you asked me to refer a map, mostly because I get lost lost in the moment that I stop paying attention to where we are going. Here is another inside story, I like the open roads far more than where they lead me to. I get bored of most places, but never of the road. I could stay out all day long if I had to, furthering that, I love getting lost. It's taken me to new places that I couldn't have seen had I not gotten lost. 

One good thing about the husband is more lost than I am and he looks forward to taking detours. He even takes them intentionally.  This is a story of us traversing through Death Valley, California.The national park is 13000 kms so just vast expanses and not a soul in sight. Here we were, traveling through 40 C. It was an extraordinary experience. There was an East and West route and we were to take the west bound route and guess which route we took; of course the wrong route. 

But here is the beauty in the whole thing, we got to see all of Death Valley. Everything, including the sand dunes that we would have missed had we taken the other route. I cannot imagine a better example for being lost and not regretting it. In that moment, every decision that i took that didn't go according to plans made perfect sense.  Everything that happens, happens. You mostly move on, thinking of the best way to make the most of it - who knows, there could be endless sand dunes at the end of the journey.

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