Thursday, October 2, 2014

My not so smart phone

I have a bad phone. I've long lamented that my phone isn't awesome. People joked that my phone "sucks". Well, I'm not disagreeing. My trusted Samsung Galaxy Y  that I bought about 2 years ago has been my faithful companion. What does my phone do? -It helps me make phone calls and it helps me whatsapp and text, set an alarm... the list ends there. Nope. I can't take pictures, listen to music, facebook or tweet. I realised my last tweet was ancient.

I'm all for technology, but then my facebook wall is littered with selfies and food pictures, with pictures of "amazing sunsets" that nobody really cares about (not even people who clicked them), Check ins with people to some hot shot location that nobody is going to remember. I outgrew it. Almost overnight. Sometime last year my phone did this weird thing -it crashed. It killed itself, probably because it could not handle my incessant facebooking or my tweets about Bangalore autos or beautiful rains.

Nope, not getting into my high chair mode here. But my phone crashing was kind of an aha! thing for me. I have the attention span of a little puppy. I cannot concentrate on one thing as it is and with my phone gone, I had nothing to fiddle with.  Suddenly tweets, status updates, music, endless pictures... all of it came to a screeching halt!

In the last few months, I've been putting off buying a new phone because I'm used to my not-so-smart phone. I cannot indulge in fancy apps but I can get around my everyday business without looking at my phone every 20 sec, which I can say is pretty darn great. I can actually turn off the internet on my phone and not feel like I'm missing out on fun (yes, I thought twitter made life better and Facebook- life bearable). I don't crib incessantly about crap to complete strangers. I call my friends up, have a conversation. I eat my food. I read a book. I listen to music and I pretty much go about doing everything I did, without my phone getting in the way.

The first app that was booted off was instagram. I'm not a photographer and one effect isn't going to get my picture to the cover of Nat Geo. The second was facebook messenger. It didn't really serve any purpose, just took up space. Next came the facebook app and the latest is twitter. I've been writing this post for about 30 minutes; 15 minutes in my head and the rest typing it out. Just like I did in the good old days. No distractions.

I'm addicted to Facebook, still heavily into twitter but I can log in only if I have my laptop and I can't lug that heavy thing around so I'm just never online anymore. I could get used to this not-so-smart phone and learn to make peace with a Facebook free life. When I think about it, having a phone that sucks make life easier. No pressure.

PS: I have zero self restraint and hence need to stay on an app free diet. That's the only way I can go about not being distracted.


  1. Oh I have Samsung Y series too until recently...I graduated to MOTO G.
    Soo many new apps and so much to do. :D
    I miss samsung Y
    Ok not really :D

  2. Very interesting person you are. It happens at this age. More you grow up, more you understand the hard truth of life .


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