Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sorry for not being a friend who is a girl.:|

No, I'm not actually sorry about it. I just wanted a catchy name! I came across this post on facebook, while I'm all of the nice stuff and things that make me go 'aww' but I am also one of those people who cringes at the idea of the definition of friendships. Friendships are so personal and unique, I find it laughable when people try to put a general umbrella statement on what friendships are.

It's even worse when people try and define a friendship between two girls, two boys or a girl and a boy. I don't see how it is that different in any case. It is two people who like to be called friends, why it needs definition in itself is funny. So yes! What caused me to write my rant, here is a post.
Image from Facebook
This post is dedicated to all my male friends, considering how I suck at being your "friend who is  girl". I read this once, I read this twice and the third time I was rolling on the floor and laughing and trying to imagine what would happen to my friends if I actually was like this! I can totally see being blocked on Facebook and on people's cellphone. It'l be like having their baby sitter on their friends list.I LOLed and LOLed some more!

Friends who are girls and not girl friends, they are not baby sitters, they are not account managers, they are not mothers or wives. We are people, we love our friends without running their life! We are not stalkers. 

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