Friday, September 20, 2013

Fish Jokes.

Yes, another post that is a testimony to how insanely crazy things can get when people give you space to say whatever they want. Now, there is a genre of very very silly jokes called PJs and I quite like them. I'm all kinds of silly, why wouldn't I like them?. So as I sat there making my jokes, my friend Richa Singh suggested I pen them down and mail them to her. Now, I have no idea why she liked the jokes but she did so I'm just going to repeat what my best friend tells me  "You are awesome, people love you" and go ahead with it. So thank you Richa for that suggestion.  Like I always tell people, I think I have a career in stand up comedy, I think this only goes on to prove it!! 

Now this is me presenting this madness on my blog! 
PS: Meen means Fish. 

1)What mint does a fish eat?
 A meentoss

2)Who is the fishes favourite teacher?
Meenerva Mcgonagall

3)Which is the fishes favouite film?
Meen Girls

4)Who is the buoys  favorite actress?
Meenisha Lamba

5)What do you call an annoying Octopus?

6)What did the single fish say to the others?
I am single and ready to meengal

7)Where do fish work?
At the Meenistry

8)What do the fish who work at the bank do?
They meent meeney

9)What famous quote do fishes use?
"Too many meen spoil the broth"

10)What do the fish pray to?
Cod and Holy Crab!

11)What is the club of very smart fish called?

12)How does one become a fish?
Nothing much to it, just meenimal qualification

13)How do you become a good fish?
I hear there is great meentor-ship programme

14)What do call a fish union?

15)Who is the PM of the fish colony?
Dr Meenmohan Singh

16)How do fish say bye?
They *wave*

17)Why don't fish take a vacation?
They have a school

18)What did the geeky fish say to the stupid fish?

19)Which is a multi tasking sea creature?
Octopus, because it can ten-tackle

20)What did the fish say when they saw the scuba diver?
"Hey look, uninvited guests"

21)Which desserts do fish like?
Sharkhand (Like shrikhand)

22)What did the fish tell other fish that complained too much?
"Stop whaling"

23)What would my parents call me if I was a fish?

24)What sickness do clown fish get?

25)What did the fish tell the other fish about humans?
"They are not meen"

26)Why did the fish wash his fins before lunch?
Because that's was good meeners teach you

27)What department does the fish want to work at?
Meenistry for meenaral resources

28)Why is the fish upset?
Because he does not know the meening of life

29) Where in Karnatka would all the fish want to live in?

30)What did the fish call their child?

31) What job did hot shot fish get after his promotion?
I hear he is the Chairmeen

32) Why did the fish quit his school?
He wanted to do something on his own

33) How did the fish lose all his money?
He bet all his money on the wrong sea horse

34)Which is the fishes favourite song?
Sindabad the sailor

35)Which newspaper do fishes not like?
Tides of the Indian Ocean (TOI)

36)Which newspaper do they love?
Malyala Meenorama

37)Why will fishes grow up to become engineers?
They have scales

38)Which is the fish babies favourite cartoon?
Chota Meen

39)Which football clubs do fish support?
Swansea, Liverpool, Chelsea and Meenchester United

40)What are young fish addicted to?
Sea Weed


  1. I don't know how many times will I tell you this, but I am thoroughly impressed. Respect is all I can tell you. We need a post 2!!

  2. Wow! These are so cool! You have come up with so many :) We want more We want MORE! :)

  3. Meenerva McGonagall! :P
    I'm pretty sure that cat who has specs marks around the eyes is giving you a very hard stare from Hogwarts :D


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