Friday, July 8, 2016

BookReview: The Other Side of Love by Richa

This is the first book I'm reviewing as a part of the Ebook carnival. Don't  ask me whats been keeping me away from my blog. Short answer: everything.

I read this book back in May, long before I was considering the book for review and considering this is my first review, I'm going to keep it true Richa style and go with a Free Write. First things first, the book goes into a lot of detail about the personal lives of 2 women and other women who are in their life. I was impressed with how the book lingers in your mind, the theme is complex and deals with issues with a certain delicateness that sets the book up for something other than a romance.

The key theme being confusion that Radha goes through, the reason why she is who she is and if she's ultimately happy. Where she goes, what she does and who she becomes. A bitter- sweet story that one must take the time to read and read carefully. I don't want this blog to have any spoiler. Which is why I will comment purely on the quality of the story and writing as opposed to the actual plot.

A small book, the author packs a little something on each page. The characters move through life quickly, they progress and grow but not without giving you a sneak peak into their fight. You can definitely relate to at least one of the characters in a few aspects. There are soft spoken characters and then their are unabashedly etched out characters, there is a curious character and  a rather dark character that society takes on without being an actual characters.

As I read the book in May I had made up my mind on what I thought of the book. It did require me to keep reading and re-reading in the last few days to somehow understand and rationalize with Radha and Sangeeta and (others) ultimately, this is fiction much like life, you can expect the unexpected.

I cannot talk any further about the book without giving away my take on the plot.

Reading Time: An hour
Reading Mood: Leisurely, I'd recommend an afternoon.
What to look for: Look at how the characters interact. There is something about the way they carry themselves in situations with class and humour.


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  1. Finally, a post on your blog :)
    This book has many twists, and till the end I was unsure about what the outcome would be. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story, as it tackles a lot of dilemmas and problems that some people face in their life. It opened up a new world to me, this book did.


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